Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ViralID?

ViralID is a medical profile which can be accessed anywhere, anytime using wristbands, sticker kits, wallet cards and an app on your phone. It can be used to manage your medical information, save your life in an emergency, or clearly communicate important information to a health care provider.

How does ViralID work?

The ViralID platform stores identification, health and emergency contact information with an easy online setup and unlimited updates.

First Responders can access your profile in seconds, telling them who you are, who to contact and how to save your life.

Your profile is accessed by tapping the ViralID NFC enabled product or by entering the unique ID and PIN into our cloud based platform.

When your profile is accessed your emergency contacts instantly receive an alert with a geo-location of where the device was accessed.

How do I link a ViralID device to my profile?
  • Locate your unique ID and PIN on your ViralID device.
  • Log into your account using the details you used when creating your account.
  • Click on Link Device underneath your personal details and enter your ID and PIN.
How many devices can I link to my profile?

There is no limit, feel free to add as many ViralID devices as you wish. Once you make any update to your ViralID profile, all your linked devices are updated.

What happens if I lose my ViralID device?

No worries, simply log into your account and click MY.VIRALID DEVICES to unlink it. If you end up finding it under the couch, simply link it back to your profile.